Comb Type Shorting Links (UFSL & SLC)

Comb Type Shorting Links (UFSL & SLC)
Comb Type Shorting Links (UFSL & SLC)
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Comb Type Shorting Links (UFSL & SLC)

Interconnecting links/ Shorting links:-

Interconnecting links or shorting links are used to interconnect two or more terminal blocks of same type and at the same potential. it is recommended that factory made shorting links which are designed considering the rated current of the terminal block and its pitch are used for interconnection purpose rather than looping by wire which is not a reliable practice.

elmex offers following types of shorting links:-

Permanent Cross Connection Link Assembly (CCLA):-

  • Removable shorting links are used to interconnect two adjacent terminal blocks temporarily and make switchable cross connection. The links are fitted onto the terminal blocks with long studs and screws. As the links rest above the top surface of the terminal blocks, they can be readily opened up.
  • For a pair of terminal blocks to be shorted, one removable link and two studs are required. Further, since the links rest above the top surface of the terminal block, it is recommended to mount a barrier plate/ partition plate between two adjacent pairs of shorted terminal blocks.

Removable Shorting Link (RSL):-

In two types of shorting links as described above, interconnection is made using screws/ studs through a tapped hole in current bar. For certain types of terminal designs, viz. stud type terminal blocks, such interconnection is not possible. As a solution to this problem, shorting links are designed to interconnect adjacent terminal blocks through termination points (where wire is connected) like stud and nut assemblies or clamping units from sides between adjacent terminal blocks. These links are generally available in 2,3,4,5 and 10 ways.

Push-in Type Shorting Links (DSL/MSL/SSL):- 

  • These types of links are designed for screwless type terminal blocks and are available in two ways. A stack of terminal blocks of the same type can be shorted using two-way shorting links. These shorting links are push-in type.
  • Current bars in these terminals have provision to accept two shorting links which can be inserted from top. Thus we can short two terminal blocks with one shorting link, three terminals with two shorting links, four terminals with three shorting links and so on.



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